CEF Students

Who should study with CEF?

Everyone who feels led or called to preach or teach God's word; anyone who is in Christian ministry involving some form of teach­ing; ministers, missionaries, evangelists who would like a re­fresher course on the Bible; those with much or little education; those whom God calls and leads to study His word.


The purpose of CEF is to train preachers and church workers, the world over, in order to plant new congregations faithful to Christ and the divinely given pattern of faith, service and worship, found in the New Testament, "endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace".

We offer the courses in order that all may acquire a correct understanding of God's will and purpose for mankind, and be able to teach others.


We believe that the Bible is the complete and unchanging truth of God, and the only source of knowledge that leads to eternal life and salvation through faith in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and participation in the church portrayed in the New Testament. Each Board member is required to sign a statement which includes the following: "I believe in the all‑powerful, and all‑wise God, who is love; in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour and Himself very God; and in the Holy Spirit given to and abiding in the members of the Church as Comforter and Guide, God in man ... in the eternal salvation with God, or damnation with Satan ... in the final victory of Christ and His Church." To us, the Bible is the divine word of God, holy, inspired and sure. We believe that it is to be accepted without reservation and that not one word can be qualified by anyone.

When our students were asked... "Why do you want to study with CEF?"

"To be spiritually growing knowledgeable, and be a professional Bible teacher"

- CKO, Organ­ist, Nigeria

"To have a good knowledge of the word of God so as to teach others the true interpretation and concept of God with­out human theory."

- GOO, Farmer, Nigeria

"To be prepared that if God wishes to use me, I am able"

- RMB, Sales representative, Aus­tralia

"You teach the word of God and nothing else, no church dogma, psychology, etc."

- DAS, Engineer, Australia

"To get more Bible knowledge and equip other preachers with sound Biblical knowledge."

- VB, Minister, India