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It is our hope that you find this site interesting, even exciting and user friendly. We have spent over twenty years developing a curriculum aimed at clear, concise, complete and correct understanding of the Bible. This curriculum, consisting of 24 courses of study, has slowly unfolded by permitting the Bible to interpret itself through the use of scientific principles of interpretation and a precise word-translation from the original languages. There are many people out there with a hunger to have a deep knowledge of the Bible. Some have a desire to teach or preach for the Lord, but they cannot quit their jobs to attend Bible College on campus nor, perhaps, afford the thousands of dollars it now costs to obtain such an education. To any person who is NOT a United States citizen and lives outside the United States and to all ACTIVE U.S. military personnel and their spouses we present this site in order to offer a means for such persons to avoid both obstacles, yet still be able to fulfill the dream and answer the call.